PIVXSummits2018 Proposal



What a ride it has been. This industry has experienced vast plains and achieved the highest peaks, endured a plethora of menacing silverware, and hosted the rise and fall for many a heartache. PIVX has strived through it all, ever dazzling by all metrics: technological advancements, network growth, core team, and valuation.

What has made this all possible is a truly decentralized governance, where it isn’t merely data that are distributed geographically or cryptographically, it’s the power to influence it. With no support from special interests, banksters or fraudsters, unbeknownst to all speculators, we’ve succeeded in carrying out our shared ideal.

But we’re far from done.

All that PIVX stands for must continue to be preached, taught, and understood. For us to truly prevail, we must leverage our decentralized gift. From direct engagement to a simple press of a button casting a “yea” in this proposal’s favor, the power is in your hands.

The PIVXSummits team has been, and will continue to represent our project at events and gatherings of importance.
With a series of 3 Canadian conferences, MoneyConf in Dublin, and Websummit 2018 in Lisbon that are all currently in the works, PIVX will have the opportunity to shine ever brighter its Universal Purple Flow over baffled, deep-pocketed fat cats.


We are asking for 2,500 (budget proposal PIVXSummits2018 – see below) + 2,500 (budget proposal PIVXSummits2018x2 – see below), for a grand total of 5,000 PIVX a month, for the next 7 months, or over the course of the rest of 2018.
These funds will go and cover the costs of:

  • Event attendance and sponsorships
  • Travel to and fro the various venues and engagements
  • Lodging & food during the events (partially)
  • Various other networking expenses
  • Schwag (t-shirts, cards, banners, displays, etc.)
  • Team logistics and bonuses
  • The PIVX.EVENTS website


The PIVXSummits streak will be administered by @buer, in coordination with our Business Development team headed by John M ( @PIVXJohn – Head of Business Development Proposal ) and newfound crypto and PIVX enthusiast Mark Hurst ( @Bit_Money – Promotions and Business Development ), a renowned expert in the business promotions and relationships field.

@buer is a reputable member of the PIVX community. He has been involved with this project since before its inception, and publicly joined its ranks in early February 2017. Ever since you may have found him hosting countless hours of Google Hangouts voice chats (in the first few months), moderating chat rooms, and providing distressed PIVians support, or coordinating with the project’s management on critical issues, and the list indeed goes on. In Q4 2017, following the 28-30 July 2017 San Francisco meetup ( California Meet-up ), @buer noticed a lacking in physical public relations efforts on the part of the PIVX project, and decided to fill it himself, establishing a masternode approved budget, and since organizing / helping in a multitude of events and meetups some of which are listed below.
@gets @Strontium @MustangMan @DuglyUckwing are just a few notable mentions who have contributed and hopefully will continue tending along with @buer to the PIVX Summits streak.

@PIVXJohn or John M:

@Bit_Money or Mark Hurst:

Mark Hurst’s professional career has been focused on Business Development and Business Product Marketing. Over 25 years, he progressed through Digital Marketing and Brand Marketing. During this time, Hurst led the planning process with Senior Management of over 25 global Corporations, through qualitative and quantitative research and analysis.
Hurst has held top executive positions as CEO/President of The Hurst Group and Hurst Group LLC. Hurst was also Co-Founder/Executive Vice President of VIP Corporate Events LLC and Co-Founder/ Vice President of BLS Finance LLC of Revenue Management & Business Planning.

Further details may be found here: Promotions and Business Development

The terms of the PIVXSummits streak are yet to be chiseled out, and our team members roles indeed need to be better defined. Rest nevertheless assured that during this transition period the utmost transparency and efficiency shall be enforced.

In fact, with this proposal, the whole PIVXSummits team pledges to update the community and executive team of all its activities and to keep a detailed administrative and expense table to be published regularly, more details on how we plan to keep ourselves accountable will follow.


The objective of PIVXSummits is to empower our team and the broader community to engage with others and preach the PIVX word, as well as networking with and learning from new emerging projects around the world. The optimal way to do so is targeting industry-events (or establishing them ourselves) where savvies, regulators, and investors may come together and share the latest in bleeding edge technologies and applications.

Bringing some purple into the mix will not only brighten the monotonous praxis the “convention” embodies but will also advance PIVX’s claim to supremacy while helping the cryptoverse as a whole to progress leaps and bounds towards ultimate, global untethered adoption.

For any suggestion or venue funding request, please contact @buer via Discord or forum PM, make a suggestion via https://pivx.events/community-suggestions/, or via e-mail at admin@pivx.events. The budget funds may be used for both hosting and attending meetups, though the majority of our efforts are reserved for the latter.


The last two quarters have seen PIVX attend:

  • Decentralized, 2-3 November 2017 | Limassol, Cyprus
  • Websummit, 6-9 November 2017 | Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dubai International Blockchain Summit, 8-9 January 2018 | Dubai, UAE
  • The North American Bitcoin Conference, 18-19 January 2018 | Miami (FL), USA
  • Anarchapulco, 25-28 February 2018 | Acapulco, Mexico
  • The Bitcoin Superconference, 16-18 February 2018 | Dallas (TX), USA
  • Collision, 30 April – 3 May 2018 | New Orleans (LA), USA
  • Chainges, 4-5 May 2018 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Consensus, 14-18 May 2018 | New York (NY), USA

That has been an average of more than one event per month so far!
We have done so with 6,000 PIVs received over these past few budget cycles, and thanks to multiple generous contributions.

Ledgers have of course been kept, all expenses accounted for in spreadsheets, and testimonials or updates were often published via our social media.
We all nevertheless agree that in order to sufficiently tend to a DAO’s treasury consensus, further disclosure is required.
A protocol to preserve the sensitive information we’ve been elected to handle while divulging the rest is in the works. Our primary platform will be the pivx.events website, where we plan on hosting fact sheets, accounting, and testimonials for EACH of our endeavors (events/ meetups/sponsorships). We are also looking to coordinate with the Ambassador program, with which we will be working closely to host blog space and content from their independent work on our platform.
Many thanks to @Strontium and @MustangMan which under the coordination of @buer are molding the pivx.event platform in the accounting and publishing platform the PIVXSummits team envisions.

Name: PIVXSummits2018
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Name: PIVXSummits2018x2
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