PIVX Snapshots


Download the latest snapshot here

A full directory of past snapshots can be found clicking here

List of other (trusted) PIVX snapshot backups:


These are snapshots of a clean PIVX installation synchronized from scratch. They contain the folders
“blocks”, “chainstate”, “sporks” and “zerocoin”.
New snapshots are created each day at about 00.15 a.m. GMT

The purpose of this snapshots is to provide an up-to-date blockchain without the time- and
resource-intensive tasks of verifying each block and/or redindexing the blockchain.

Use at your own risk…


Q: What the heck is happening?
A: https://forum.pivx.org/t/pivx-core-wallet-3-0-5-mandatory-release-11-14-2017/

Q: How do I use these snapshots?
A: Instructions:

– stop your wallet and/or daemon
– locate the folder with the blockchain folders (usually ~/.pivx/)
– do a complete(!) backup of this folder in case something goes wrong
– completely remove the folders “blocks”, “chainstate”, “sporks” and “zerocoin”
– download one of the snapshot-files (preferably the newest one) above into this folder
– unpack the snapshot file (on Linux: ‘tar -zxvf ‘)
– the folders deleted above are now replaced by the ones from the snapshot
– restart your wallet and/or

PS- pivx.events, our PIVX Summits proposal directory is still in construction, I’d appreciate if you’d divert your critical hawkish eye for a moment and tune back in once it’s complete.